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Welcome to the German BigBrotherAwards

2015-01-20 14:14

The BigBrotherAwards Germany were launched to encourage public debate about privacy and data protection. It is their purpose to highlight abusive uses of technology and information.

Nominations are in for the BigBrotherAwards 2015

The BigBrotherAwards 2015 will be bestowed on Friday, 17 April 2015. We are curious about and looking forward to the “winners”.

Information about last year’s BigBrotherAwards can be found here. The 2014 jury was made up with members of Digitalcourage, the Chaos Computer Club (CCC), the International League for Human Rights, and the German Association for Data Protection (Deutsche Vereinigung für Datenschutz, DVD). We are always interesting in your suggestions for future awards, our (German only) nomination page awaits you.

All previous winners can be found under their respective years or in our Archive (listings in German).

Starting in 1998, these "negative" or "anti" awards are now presented annually in several countries. The German Big Brother Awards were first presented in 2000. Award "winners" can be companies, institutions and persons who act in a prominent and sustained way to invade people's privacy or leak (personal) data to third parties.

The name was taken from George Orwells negative utopia "1984", which as early as in the late 1940s put forward the author's vision of a future society under total surveillance.

The sculpture for the Big Brother Awards Germany was designed for the first ceremony by Oerlinghausen artist Peter Sommer. It shows a figure tied by a lead band and bisected by a glass pane which is inscribed with a hexadecimal encoding of a passage from Huxley's "Brave New World".

The Big Brother Awards Germany are organised by digitalcourage in Bielefeld, which was formed in 1987 under its original name FoeBuD or association for the Promotion of Mobile and Immobile Public Data Traffic, as one possible translation of the old name goes. FoeBuD became known for being an active member in early citizens' networks such as Zerberus, running its own BIONIC mailbox, the ZaMir peace network, the German manual for the Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) encryption software and its monthly talks/events series PUBLIC DOMAIN covering topics between future and technology, science and politics, arts and culture. The name digitalcourage was adopted on the group’s 25th anniversary in November 2012. You can read more details on the digitalcourage story on Wikipedia.

We are always grateful for questions, suggestions and remarks, critical or otherwise:

digitalcourage e.V.
Marktstr. 18, 33602 Bielefeld
Tel: +49 521 16391639, Fax: +49 521 61172,

Konto: 5459545901
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
BLZ 37020500

Internationale Kontonummer:
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zum Online-Spendenformular
Die Jury 2014
Rena Tangens, padeluun
digitalcourage e.V.

Sönke Hilbrans
Deutsche Vereinigung für Datenschutz e.V. [DVD]

Frank Rosengart
Chaos Computer Club e.V. [CCC]

Forum InformatikerInnen für Frieden und gesellschaftliche Verantwortung e.V. [FIfF]

Prof. Dr. Peter Wedde

Dr. Rolf Gössner
Internationale Liga für Menschenrechte [ILMR]